The Walled Town of Derry

Irish Walled Towns – David Oshea Photography –

I had the great pleasure in working with author John Givens and Alison Harvey from the Heritage Council on this Irish Walled Towns Book . As part of my brief i had to travel to twenty different walled towns in the 32 counties of Ireland , all part of Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN), where i photographed and produced a selection of Images that i felt best represented what remained of the original structures.

One of the many Towns i had the pleasure of photographing was Derry in the North of Ireland . Dating Back to the 7th Century this walled town sits on a hillside 40 meters above River Foyle. I spent a Day walking and Photographing the wonderful architecture of this beautiful walled enclosure.

Despite experiencing four seasons in a day with the weather i did manage to come away with what i needed . I have uploaded a selection of some of the images that were chosen – Thank you for visiting .

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