Saint Marys Mansions Dublin Redevelopment

Saint Marys Mansions Redevelopment 2020

St. Mary’s Mansions is located in Dublin 1, between Sean McDermot Street to the north and Railway Street to the south. It was originally built in the late 1940s. It has undergone a total refurbishment bringing it up to current standards. The extensive works included the addition of two new floors creating 80 high-quality homes for the local community.

With the 23 million euro redevelopment A number of key features were included in the redesign “specifically to enhance the overall quality of life within the development” and include communal social and play areas, a community room, and socially aware landscaping.

The refurbishments at St Mary’s Mansions are the first of its kind in the area and were spurred by the Mulvey report, published in 2016. Well done to all involved it was a great pleasure to photograph the finished project .

#osheaphotography #dublin #dublinredevelopment #dublincitycouncil #cluidhousing

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